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Yayasan Cinta Kasih Anak exists on the generosity of people who want to help make a difference in Indonesia.

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Yayasan Cinta Kasih Anak is a non profit organisation that was established in Indonesia 2016 as the legal NGO which supports the Jodie O’Shea House (website, PDF brochure) established in 2005 and The Sumba Well Project established in 2007.

These three foundations are concerned with the welfare of building better lives by providing education and a safe and healthy haven for underprivileged Indonesian children and families in need.

Registration: AHU – AH.01.06-0003761

Sponsored Projects

Jodie O'Shea

Jodie O'Shea

The orphanage was built in loving memory of Jodie O'Shea who tragically died as a result of the Bali bombing in 2002. We are a small team of people dedicated to providing a healthy, loving and secure environment for our family.


Water for Sumba

SumbaSumba located in Nusa Tengarra Timor is one of the poorest islands in Indonesia. The problems that the people of Sumba face have lead to an unending cycle of poverty that has not improved in over twenty years except in small enclaves. One of the keys to breaking this cycle is water. For many people the day revolves around obtaining enough water to survive, and starts with a walk of up to 5 kilometres to fill one bucket and then walk back. This is a daily routine during the dry season and even in the wet there are no effective systems to store water. The compound effect of this lack of water leads to serious health issues and also to malnutrition.

Surveys of schools and clinics in the area found that over 90% did not have running water, nor a water source nearby. None had functioning toilets. As a result, hygienic conditions are extremely poor, rivers are contaminated by cattle, and are an ideal breeding ground for disease. Easy accessible supplies of water will lead to vast improvements in the locals lives, increase living standards and improve farming. At Jodie O’Shea we have many children from this poor island so we want to get to the root of the problems and by giving people water their lives will change dramatically.

A few years ago we built wells in Sumba and are now seeking to establish many more wells on the island. These wells will be sustainable they are hand drawn wells no pump is needed so nothing is going to break down they use a bucket and and bring the water up by hand.  We have seen many NGO’S go in provide super equipment with a great deal of machinery. Once this machinery breaks that is the finish the NGO’S have left and the locals cannot afford to fix the damaged items. This can change the way a community functions as they will have the basic need of water at their disposal. This will allow for village development and planning from the bottom upwards, with the villagers giving their vision for change and improvements. All the diggers are local Sumbanese people. Our goal over the next few years is to provide a total of 50 wells on the island benefitting over 1000 people

Donation from Boris and Ināra Teterev Foundation

Update - We are currently building 6 more wells in Tananara Lewa East Sumba (approximately 55 km from Waingapu). Completion of the wells is expected by September 2017

Thank you to Boris and Ināra Teterev Foundation!
Donation from Boris and Ināra Teterev Foundation

Projects in Java

Sumba On May 27th, 2006, an earthquake struck just off the coast of Central Java. The scale of the disaster was far greater than first thought. The regencies of Bantul and Klaten in Yogyakarta were the most affected. The immediate death toll was 5,778 while the number of people seriously injured was 37,883. The number of homes damaged or destroyed was over 610,551. At least 1,173,742 people, and possibly as many as 1,542,380, were made homeless by the earthquake. The total number of schools destroyed or badly damaged was 2,912. Alison Chester and Riyanto Samadi went up to help and together with HAPPY HEARTS FUND rebuilt more than 70 kindergartens and one primary school. Here's a couple of videos showing their work.

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